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Therapist, Trauma Specialist, EMDR Clinician + Transformational Speaker

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I’m delighted you found my site and thanks so much for stopping by. I hope that I can help you transform your challenges by working with me either individually, in groups or online.

I am working on new offerings for 2020/21 focusing on trauma and complex PTSD.  Helping you let go of trauma symptoms that hold you back; like having a voice, being visible and seen and standing in your power.  So, please do connect with me via my social channels if this sounds of interest, so I can keep you updated on the progress.

About Me

I have worked with a myriad of clients over nearly 20 years; 10 of those at a well known psychiatric hospital in London, called The Priory.  10 years in private practice in Central London and online. Historically, I worked primarily with addictions, eating disorders and both PTSD and complex PTSD.  Many of the symptoms I see came from some form of underlying trauma and the resultant limiting self-beliefs.

Trauma and distorted belief systems and a lack of feeling safe in our nervous systems due to a lack of safety,  often go on to stop us excelling in many areas of our lives. Trauma keeps us stuck,  the beliefs affecting our self-worth, self-belief, and view of ourselves in the world.  This can leave us with an inability to be seen or speak out, or appreciate our full value.  Underlying, untreated and unprocessed trauma is an area which I am passionate about.

With trauma, we need to go beneath the surface and affect change at a deeper and more sustainable level, into the body.  It’s transformational work which we need to do to release trauma.  Rather than spending years and often decades managing the symptoms and not getting to the root cause.  My advice, don’t wait decades to deal with your feelings and your history, find the courage to do the work now on the stuff you’ve been too scared to go towards. If not with me, then with someone else who understands trauma, both professionally and personally.

How else can I help?

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“Lou is one of those extraordinary people that I instantly took a shine to. Her interpersonal manner and he passion to create healthy change in others is wonderful to witness and even greater when I’m the recipient (Lou assisted me with some Creative Tapping, as well as some Talking Therapy).

I am in the fortunate position of being not only a massive fan of Lou’s craft, but also a good friend, with whom we both share strategies and better practices.

I would recommend her to any of my friends and clients who had a desire to address their sugar consumption and lifestyle choices. “

“Lou is an amazing mixture of bubbling vitality, deep insight, with a lovely nature. She can connect deeply with others and does so with heartfelt integrity. It’s inspiring and a genuine pleasure to work with her – an unreserved recommendation.”

“Lou Lebentz, big hearted visionary and long-term expert in the addiction field, is a totally inspiring and thought provoking speaker. Down to earth, funny and engaging, you can hear a pin drop when she delivers what are highly entertaining speeches on subjects that none of us can afford not to pay attention to. ”

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