There’s a possibility that drama school in my formative years helped me to overcome my fear and become a speaker.  My soul feels very happy to be back on stage having worked through the terror and glossophobia!

I truly hope that by speaking and sharing some of my own challenges that I might be of help to other people. I’ve always wanted to be a catalyst for change within the area’s of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Ultimately, helping us all increase our feelings of self-worth and value. I’ve found these strong assets and powerful inoculation against the various challenges some of us face of poor health.

In my talks and my programme, the inspiration and teachings I share have been gathered from a rather interesting and somewhat varied history in the Rag Trade, Radio Industry and then Rehab!

I openly disclose how I struggled with wellness, had a mental health issue myself in my 20’s then various addictive behaviours to boot.  I explain how I finally saw the light in my 30’s, eventually putting down my self-defeating habits by learning how to treat myself well.  Then I ended up getting cancer!!  Perhaps the biggest lesson of them all.  It’s not all a sob story I promise! I pepper my talks with humorous and bizarre stories gleaned from the myriad of experiences I’ve had with fascinating individuals over the years!

Because I speak on a more personal therefore transformational level of feeling, I can deliver deeper change than simply talking on the level of thought and cognition.  The end result? A guarantee that I can get you or your team on the road back to high performance. Safe in the knowledge that the more your team are inspired to be well, follow their dreams and be their real selves even at work, the healthier, more engaged, productive and loyal they will become.

One of my key messages is the importance and the value of having a vision for your life. Therefore my TEDx and keynotes imply that developing an “Inspiring Vision” for either yourself or your company is absolutely crucial!

Why? because it forces you on the journey.  A journey where you are challenged, tested and sent a myriad of tasks to overcome before you actually get to finally achieving you dream or vision. A little like Joseph Campbell’s “Heroes Journey”.

We are all learning to become our own heroes and how to live our lives courageously and to evolve.  The end benefit of having a Vision is that you begin to see your life was actually never about simply arriving and achieving the dream.  The dream’s job was simply to inspire and encourage you to overcome the limitations you had that have been blocking your path to your real self.

Which is why my keynote talks ultimately help you or your company find the courage, faith, resources, tenacity, skills and mindset required in order to overcome yourself.  They help you lessen your self doubt, reduce your fears and worries about failure or success.  The programme and talks increase your resilience, your self worth and self belief in order to win through in the end.  The end destination? Realising that the dream and vision is actually about living and working from your free, limitless, in flow, authentic self.

I am a member of the Professional Speakers Association and have spoken at many conferences, Keynote Talks, schools and other events over the last few years.  I’ve also had a myriad of media opportunities commenting “live” on many radio stations and conducting a host of media interviews too.

My talks aren’t for the faint hearted, they provide science, deep insight, loads of resources and I take participants to a depth of training and emotion that perhaps only a highly trained and skilled therapist might go!

Listening to Lou Lebentz speaking is like putting on warm gloves on a cold day. Then she ramps it up and really gets you thinking, all the while making you smile and warming your heart. She is talented, funny and life-changing.

Pam Burrows
Pam BurrowsSpeaker and People Booster

Lou is probably one of the most passionate and talented speakers that I have come across; she holds a room with charm, with charisma and whether it’s a small audience or a larger audience she really connects both to the audience and her subject matter in a way which is incredibly compelling and enriching. She is fantastic for workshops, she’s also fantastic for standing up and masterfully commanding a keynote stage.  Lou in particular as a speaker, is one of those incredible individuals who can both hold a huge energy in the room so very uplifting, motivating and inspiring but she can also connect to the heart of a message so it becomes quite a tender experience as well as being one that’s very energising to see her on stage.  So I thoroughly recommend her for events of all sorts; she is truly remarkable, fantastic and fascinating to listen to and I think she brings so much value to audiences of many different types.”

Sarah Lloyd Hughes
Sarah Lloyd HughesFounder of Ginger Public Speaking and Consultancy

“Lou Lebentz is funny, she’s sassy, she’s a huge inspiration. She’s a fantastic speaker; she takes you on journey with her and you can laugh, and you can cry but ultimately she makes you feel really really great at the end of it! Well done Lou, thanks a lot!”

Esther Stanhope
Esther Stanhope Presenter Training and

 “Lou appeared like a natural when she delivered her Ted X speech entitled ‘The Sweet Sanity of Madness’ in London this year.  She covered some great points to get you thinking on how our society has been built up on notions that are false. Lou also backed this up by sharing with us an emotive and heart rendering story of her own and how she has dealt with the highs and lows of her own personal experience. The message was clear and easy to understand and gave the listener something to think about when recounting the speech she gave. Dreams are so important and our imagination is a major part of what it is to be a human being. Lou covered this and more and was inspirational in the way that she made the audience look at things in a different way. Lou has a wonderful speaking voice and a presence that is welcoming and friendly. I am so glad that I was an attendee at the event as the speech Lou gave was inspirational, uplifting and full of hope.” 

Peter Paul Parker
Peter Paul ParkerChi Gong Master, Sound Healer and Musician
Lou was a superb speaker whose talk was a perfect accompaniment to Lingfield’s Mental Health Awareness Week programme. Her engaging style meant that students understanding of how to look after their mental health grew, without it feeling forced. Throughout her talk, she shared her own experiences willingly in order to reinforce her overall message. Students also appreciated the opportunity to speak to her individually at the end of the session, it was clear how Lou’s talk had resonated with them.
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