I’m being honest in this post! I am still shocked, surprised and saddened by my recent “cancer” scare and the potential diagnosis.  A part of me, despite mum just going through chemo for her second breast cancer and my auntie’s and uncles (half) all having had cancer, I actually never believed I would get it too.

There was a kind of cancer snobbery I think I had in hindsight, believing that with all the work I had done on myself, the emotional releasing, the stopping alcohol over a decade ago, the quitting smoking too, the very healthy diet and lifestyle and the exercise which I’ve always included in my life, I thought that was protective and made me an unlikely candidate for cancer.  Maybe I too believed it was lifestyle? Not genetic or environmental.

But whatever I believed, I was duping myself or unclear and I guess I still am!

With the shock and the disbelief of the potential diagnosis, and sitting with a Macmillan Cancer nurse etc, for a couple of weeks, there was a little bit of the victim mentality and poor me!! Plus an annoyance at all the holistic and spiritual crowd out there who ask “How did you create your cancer?” and “what have you not released yet?” or “who have you not forgiven?” even though I partly believed that explanation myself.  However, this time,  when I heard people say cancer is a lifestyle condition, I got slightly cross! Why? Because I’ve eaten so well most of my life, I’d not touched sugar for 2 years and had always eaten way over 5 fruits and vegetables a day.  I’d not consumed junk food for decades and very rarely any processed foods whatsoever! I was a healthy eater with a healthy lifestyle, why had it happened to me?

But then I started investigating more.  I started questioning what I’d learnt. I realised I had in fact been eating meat! It kept coming up as a problem.  As in my previous attempt at launching a business I tried to get a quit sugar programme called Sweet Enough off the ground.  In my two years of trying to get it out there, I basically went as low carb high fat as I could for that couple of years!  Which meant, I was eating a load of meat and fish and protein.  Now I see that they advocate a LCHF diet for cancer or some experts do.  But I also see that many cancer specialists recommend a NO ANIMAL product diet and either going vegetarian or vegan and coming off dairy too.